Rapper Dolla Struggled For Hip-Hop Success

"A Dolla And A Dream" was a reflection of Dolla's struggles. On the intro to the album, aside from rapping about his father's death, selling drugs, his sister's incarceration and being shot, he also rhymes about dropping out of high school and getting his GED. On "Gon' Be Alright," he addresses teen pregnancy and the rising number of AIDS-infected inner city-dwellers, and "1125," which references Dolla's birth date, is about his twin sister.

So far, "A Dolla And A Dream" featured production from Jazze Pha, Polow Da Don and Akon, among others. Aside from T-Pain and Tay Dizm, the set featured no guest appearances to date. "I want everybody to know me and who I am. I want them to know my story and about my struggles," Dolla told Billboard.

On his myspace (http://www.myspace.com/dolla), Dolla's fans have already posted comments wishing he rest in peace and telling him how much he will be missed. On a video on the page, Dolla appears rhyming the lyrics, "I'm so easy to love but even harder to hate / n*ggas wanna see me die and take a fall from grace / but I know the short cuts to stay ahead of the race."

Dolla's death comes just nine days after the twelve year anniversary of the still-unsolved death of Notorious B.I.G., who was shot to death just two miles from the site of Dolla's death.

It is unclear if the label still plans on releasing "A Dolla And A Dream" this summer as scheduled, or at all.

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