Slash Story

Slash was born 23 July 1965 in Hampstead, English. His Father a white Jew husk and mother Afro-America. His Father an ordinary actor cooperates with Neil Young and Joni Michelle, while its mother a designer of design to David Bowie. After its old fellow ****divorced**, he follow its mother move to America in year 1970. At age 14 old, he is given guitar present by grandmother. Initially, slash much influenced by AC / DC, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Van of Halen and Franc Zappa.

Ability moment play guitar he starts to show his skill, he applies for band Poison with Steven Adler. But both failing because do not get away in face selection. Its profit they do not hopelessly, both of them form band Road Crew in year 1983. Moment meet Hollywood Rose group, they interest to form so called new band Guns N' Roses with new member of Axl Rose, Duff Mckagan, and Izzy Stradlin. With appearance of volute long hair which closes over its face, one slipped between cigarette in its lip, and long hat, Slash become very buttonhole iconic as guitarist real rock.

In end year 1980, Slash almost become the single guitarist with symptom of shred tardy, reminding us at guitarist style of hard rock which in finding Page and of Beck is not Paganini and Bach. With its his, public road child image and style its dirty him, Slash become Icon guitar of hard rock, fiddling around with aggressive and wild riff, in inspiration music blues having strength technique bending and vibrato which cut, so that Slash can defeat Yngwie Malmsteen shred virtuoso lascar and Steve Vai

Guitar game Slash show new generation from all guitarist that emotion is matter which as important as chops, making way to apparition of grunge and born him return punk rock in year 1990. In the middle of fever fender Strat in the year eight tens of which in liking many guitarist, Slash reanimate interest of society at Les Paul. Though devoted Slash as guitarist hard rock, he often become favorite guest guitarist in some record share artist of is including Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Paul Rodgers, Carole King, and Michael Jackson.

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